Gross production of electricity in 2010 is 46.7 TWh, which is 8.5% higher than the production in 2009. The commercial export of electricity is 18.2% of the gross production. The structure of electricity production is dominated by thermal power plants using coal, followed by the nuclear power plant “Kozloduy”. Electricity produced from wind in 2010 is 681.4 GWh, which has grown almost 3 times compared to 2009 and represents 12.1% of gross electricity production from RES.

Electricity from RES covers 14.7% of gross domestic electricity consumption in the country. The share of local energy input for electricity generation in 2010 is 85.8%, while that of import – 14.2% (nuclear energy is recognized as a local energy source).

Final consumption of electricity in the country in 2010 amounts to 28.3 TWh, which is the level of 2009. Industrial and public sector take 62.6% of the final consumption of electricity and residential – 37.4%. Sales of electricity in 2010 to users connected to the transmission network, which benefited from the right for choice of provider are 4.4 TWh.

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