Position of the Bulgaria Climate Coalition about the global climate agreement reached during the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP 21) in Paris

The UN climate negotiations (COP 21) concluded in Paris last week. The agreement reached is an important milestone in terms of global measures to counteract climate change.

The Bulgarian Climate Coalition considers that the adoption of a global agreement represents progress in the right direction, but notes that it is insufficient.

The main message which the new agreement sends to governments around the world is clear: governments, the business sector and investors everywhere in the world must immediately begin to take specific steps in the direction of achieving a green low-carbon economy supported by sustainable economic growth based on 100% renewable energy. This will stop the squandering of natural resources and the destruction of ecosystems around the world.

In view of the Paris decision, we believe that we must all take steps towards dealing with the climate change issue on a local and national level. Accordingly, it is important for Bulgaria to begin a transition to a low-carbon economy that does not depend on polluting fossil fuels (coal and oil). Our expectations are that through Bulgaria’s National Climate Change Adaptation Strategy the country will very soon show its firm commitment to meeting the need to take action immediately and not only in the future. The Paris agreement confirms the need for firm local policies to stimulate measures in line with local circumstances and characteristics. This also requires efforts to adopt specific action mechanisms to address the problem of climate migrants and conflicts resulting from increasingly frequent natural disasters and anomalies.

We hope for increased participation on the part of civil society and stakeholders as a whole in decision-making processes related to climate change, as long-term sustainable solutions appropriate for citizens and the country to meet the serious current and future challenges can only be found through common united action based on debate and broad consensus.